OET 2006-2007

The ONLINE EDUCATION & TRAINING course starts its 19th run on January 29th 2007. Would you like to be there? See my podcasts at http://anitapincas.podomatic.com/

Sunday, September 17, 2006

OET 2006-7 The e-trainer course from London University

Distance study opportunities at London University Institute of Education
for teachers at all levels, with special groups related to
teaching language, older learners, and very new technology.

1. Online Education & Training

This long established 10 week international online course offers serious professional and practical development for people wishing to experience and discuss methods of teaching about the use of technology and media for education. We accept teachers of any subject, or librarians, technical staff, and administrators. The course is fully online.

Where it incorporates special groups for specific interests, the readings and tasks will relate to those interests.

a. Language teachers.
This group will have readings and tasks related to language learning. Enquiries to a.pincas@ioe.ac.uk

b. Trainers or teachers of adult and older learners
This group will have readings and tasks related to older learners. Enquiries to a.pincas@ioe.ac.uk

c. Very new technology.
There will be a choice of options related to
• online discourse and moderating
• computer-based assessment
• mobile technologies
• Real-time teaching with CHAT or video-conferencing and whiteboards
• blogging and podcasting

The next start is 29th January 2007.
The fee is £Stg 499, which can be paid by bank transfer, credit card or instalments.

More information and application form at:

2. Professional Diploma in Learning and Teaching

This is a self-study opportunity to base some independent work around your real professional activities and to gain accreditation for your reflection on those activities. It consists of 6 out of 7 available modules listed below. You are guided through a reflective process, requiring no attendance at the Institute, and assessed by coursework of 4-5 000 words per module. You will be put in touch with other teachers following the same course, so that you will be able to join in peer group discussions by email or phone. You can register in any term and take 6 months to complete each module. The fee is £stg499 per module, paid by bank transfer, credit card or instalments.
The module titles are:
-Investigating Learning and Teaching: an evidence-based study
-Managing a New Development
-Understanding Teachers’ Professional Development
-Supporting (Young People’s/Students’) Learning
-Mentoring: Colleagues’/Students’ Learning
-Developing a Leadership role
-Inclusive Education, Learning and Learners
-Online Education & Training
Note: We have various other short courses that can be accepted as alternative modules in the Diploma.

Enquiries to

Anita's current projects

I am working in these with a wide range of UK and European partners:

ELF - e-learning faciitators
See http://www.elfproject.net
The goal of this EU project is to investigate and training needs of e-facilitators, e-tutors, ... whatever you wish to call them.

Teaching and Learning Templates
A London University Centre for Distance Education project to develop helpful frameworks that can guide teachers towards practical ideas on course design and instructional planning, especially using technology and the media. In due course a page will appear on the Centre's website www.cde.london.ac.uk

See www.e-tridem.net
This EU project is trialling an innovative new method of practising language, where three native speakers of English, Spanish and German work together practising the three languages in a structured online environment. Each member of the threesome practises the two other languages, while also acting as guide-on-the-side about his/her own.

ALL: Autonomous Language Learning
The goal of this EU project is to translate/transpose an existing Spanish blended language teaching programme to 4 minority languages of the EU: Bulgarian, Romanian, Turkish and Lithuanian.

NEMED (NEtwork of Multigrade Education)
See http://www.nemed-network.org/
This is a transnational network about classes in which teachers work with more than one curriculum grade at the same time.

EDORCO: (E-Developing of Oral Competence for Power Engineering Specialists)
The aim of the project is to develop online courses enhancing the oral competence in English and French for vocational communication of power engineering specialists in the European context.

International University Collaboration
This is an internal Institute of Education project to analyse problems and solutions related to international collaboration for course delivery between universities in different countries.